Hello, I’m Lawrence Masella. I’m originally from the United Kingdom. I’m now living in Budapest, Hungary. I am experienced in both voice over and acting work. I call this work, but this is not work or a hobby for me. It’s something at the very core of my being. It’s not part of my life, it is my life. This road is my road. My passion, professionalism and dedication to this are acutely audible.

My voice can range from being mellow and mysterious to powerful and persuasive. It can be intimate and inviting or intense and commanding. I have a clear, genuine, region-neutral British accent that’s easy to understand and makes the audience attentive. My voice ages are middle-aged, senior and young adult. My rugged baritone is charismatic, trustworthy, believable and altogether spellbinding. I have a background in acting and extensive broadcast media performing, which enables me to inject emotion and drama into the written words that I bring to life. I can range from an angelic orator who soothes your ear to a devilish villain who hypnotises you.

I am highly flexible, personable and just an easy guy to work with. I produce quality studio audio recordings for the world. I am happy to travel to any location globally. Have a look at the Overview page to learn about my previous assignments or Contact me about your own project. You have a short deadline? You’ve got last-minute script changes? No problem. I’ll be happy to record a custom 30-second sample of your text to find out if my voice will fit your needs.