Voice over work is a broader area than you would think. For me it is my life and passion. For you it can be your corporate audio identity or even a customised birthday video. Each and every one of them is a pleasure for me to create. Have a look around to see what I could be helping you with. Check out the projects that I worked on previously to get a taste of my voice.


Check out the Demo videos that I have made for bigger and smaller clients, corporate broadcast or internal case study videos. You will hear that my voice can sound informative and persuasive, soothing and reassuring. My voice is appropriate for both a charismatic, mellow and a dynamic, powerful delivery. Whatever it is you have in mind, rest assured that we can make it happen and that my voice will enhance any video.

Having experience in hosting my own radio show and recording audiobooks, you can trust that my voice works even without the additional visual element of the video. Gently inspiring or giving gravitas, you name it. From guided meditation to impersonating Father Christmas and his elves, my voice will be perfect for your audio projects too.


The organisations I’ve worked with…


…and some of their opinions about me…

Leslie Mandoki – “Sensucht Nach Freiheit” (Longing For Freedom)
“During my two decades in the Hollywood film industry as a sound engineer I spent a good chunk at Woodholly Productions, a Feature and TV trailer and promo VO recording powerhouse, working with most of the who’s who LA talents such as Don La Fountain, Mark Elliott, Jim and Brian Cummings, Andy Geller and the list could go on. Recording Lawrence was a time travel back into these ‘good old days’ being around the best in the business. His voice, delivery, funny yet professional focus made the challenging task easy, with an excellent result and a satisfied client. Thanks Lawrence.”
Ferenc Lukacs
Supervising Sound Editor, www.ferenclukacs.com

Catch Me If You Can Promo
“Paramount Channel has produced the promo of Steven Spielberg’s movie Catch Me If You Can with a traditional stop motion animation, for which an exquisite narrator with acting abilities was absolutely essential. Lawrence has exceeded all our expectations as he was able to bring new colour, playfulness and passion into the character with his powerful voice. His attitude towards our joint work was characterised by infinite patience, an excellent sense of humour and enthusiasm. I highly recommend him to everyone!”
Dániel Berta
Promo Producer, Viacom

Hungarian State Opera
“It was a tiring day, but thank you, we did a very good job actually. Lawrence, you’re the hero of the day! Géza [Oscar nominee Géza M. Tóth, owner of KEDD Animation Studio] said, the voice is just fantastic. He was very satisfied, so thank you again for your work.”
Doraya Bouandel
Unit Production Manager, Kedd Studio

“Lawrence has a fantastic and enchanting voice. He does the voice overs for our company videos.”
Réka Horváth
CEO, Flan-Technologies

IT Services Hungary
“Working with Lawrence was smooth, not only because he is a talented voice over with acting skills, but also because he is easy-going and fun. On top of everything his most admired virtue is his true passion for high quality: he is only satisfied with the best.”
Ambrus Horváth
Creative Partner, Cluso.hu

Spar / Budapest Bike Maffia
“It was a great pleasure to work with Lawrence. He is a real professional who is really fast, punctual and cooperative. And his voice is fascinating!”
Petra Pétercsák
Senior Account, Greenroom.hu